Failure to Provide Home Warranty Services Could Establish Liability

A recent case decided by the Maryland Court of Special Appeals concluded that, under particular circumstances, an HVAC professional who was contracted under a home warranty contract between a homeowner and a warranty company had a duty to exercise reasonable care in performing their respective work on the gas-powered boiler and hot water heater that included inspecting the visible portions of the flue for signs of rust or corrosion and, if the conditions impose a danger, take reasonable steps to protect the occupants of the home from carbon monoxide escaping from the flue into the home.

Often times errors occur because professionals fail to take preventative actions, such as following regular maintenance procedures. The victims of these negligent mistakes may be able to seek compensation for their expenses, suffering and other long-term complications. In most cases, injury victims may benefit from consulting with a medical malpractice attorney to review their options.

Keywords: negligence, home warranty contract, injury, wrongful death

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