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At Blank, Moorstein & Lipshutz, L.L.P., in Rockville, Maryland, our accomplished attorneys have more than 80 years of cumulative experience in personal injury litigation, family law employment law, and real estate and business law.

One important reflection of our accomplishments and capabilities is the fact that a sizable percentage of our cases are referred to us by other attorneys. We also have established long-term working relationships with notable law firms around the country that rely on us when they need an affiliate in Maryland or Washington, D.C.

Attorney Stuart Lipshutz is a regular contributor and editor of thought-provoking articles to legal publications, including Maryland Trial Reporter. You can read articles by Mr. Lipshutz on finding insurance coverage in personal injury cases and one on how and why to keep your personal injury case in district court here. Attorney Barton D. Moorstein is frequently retained as an expert to testify in court on the topic of legal representation and reasonable attorney’s fees.

Our lawyers work directly with you from the initial meeting to discuss your case until it is resolved. For more information on the qualifications and education of our attorneys, click the respective link below.

We offer free limited consultations in which we can assess your case and answer your questions. Call (301) 279-2200 or (202) 625-7711 in Washington, D.C., or email us to schedule an appointment.

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