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A pedestrian who is injured due to someone else’s negligence has a claim for compensation for his or her injuries and losses. A pedestrian usually has the right-of-way over motor vehicles while the pedestrian is in a designated crosswalk. However, even if you, or your child, were struck by a car in an area other than a designated crosswalk, you may possibly still have a valid claim under Maryland and Washington, D.C., law. Therefore, a timely investigation under our attorneys’ supervision is imperative.

As with any claim for personal injuries, you should seek medical attention immediately, either at a hospital emergency room, with your family doctor, or at a walk-in medical center, depending on how badly you were injured. If your injuries prevent you from returning to work or school, you should obtain a doctor’s note explaining your absence.

After obtaining any emergency medical treatment that you might need, it is in your best interest to contact an attorney as soon as possible. Do not give a recorded or written statement to anyone without speaking to an attorney first.

A pedestrian’s claim for personal injuries often raises questions of who was actually at fault. Did the accident occur in a designated or marked crosswalk? What were the lighting and weather conditions? Were the vehicle’s headlights on? How fast was the vehicle traveling? Who had the right-of-way? Were there any witnesses? Did any video cameras record the incident that may need to be reviewed?

An experienced personal injury attorney will promptly investigate your claim, photograph the accident scene, and obtain any statements from witnesses while this evidence is still readily available. Your lawyer will help you to protect your rights, professionally and aggressively pursue your claim and, ultimately, help you to receive fair and just compensation for your injuries and losses. These losses may include your medical bills, any lost wages due to your injuries, emotional and physical pain and suffering and compensation for any permanent injury you may have suffered.

For further information regarding your claim for personal injuries, the lawyers at Blank, Moorstein & Lipshutz, L.L.P., are here to help you find the best resolution to your legal issues. Contact our office today at (301) 279-2200 or email us to schedule a meeting with an attorney about your case.

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