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Unlike child support, there is no mathematical formula for calculating alimony in Maryland or Washington, D.C. The courts consider a list of factors, but statutes provide the courts in both Maryland and Washington, D.C., with wide latitude when assessing requests for alimony.

Because the granting or denial of spousal support is so subjective, it is all the more imperative that you retain the services of a highly qualified divorce lawyer to protect your rights. At the law firm of Blank, Moorstein & Lipshutz, L.L.P., in Rockville, Maryland, our experienced divorce attorneys can protect your interests and explain your options, whether you are seeking support or will be ordered to provide support.

We know what it takes to reach fair agreements. Blank, Moorstein & Lipshutz, L.L.P., has provided high-quality representation in divorce and other family law matters for more than 25 years. If you need help protecting your interests in alimony, child support or any other divorce issues, call (301) 279-2200.

In awarding alimony, the court examines and weighs many factors, including:

  • The relative incomes of each spouse
  • The duration of the marriage
  • Each party’s conduct leading to the divorce
  • Each party’s contributions — monetary and non-monetary — to the marriage
  • Job prospects of the spouse seeking support
  • The ability of the spouse seeking support to be wholly or partly self-supporting
  • The earning capacity of each spouse

In these highly subjective and contested issues, the experience and judgment of the lawyers at Blank, Moorstein & Lipshutz, L.L.P., provide you the greatest benefit.

Experienced Spousal Support Lawyers Serving Washington, D.C., And Maryland

There are two kinds of alimony that typically become part of a final divorce decree — indefinite (or permanent) alimony and rehabilitative alimony. Courts generally favor rehabilitative alimony over indefinite alimony, but there is no guarantee that a court will order one over the other, or award alimony at all.

In addition to protecting your rights regarding determination of alimony, our Rockville alimony lawyers also assist with enforcement of child support and spousal support orders, as well as modifications of original orders. Call (301) 279-2200 or (202) 625-7711 in Washington, D.C., or use our contact form to schedule an initial consultation with our highly skilled divorce attorneys.

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