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The lawyers at Blank & Moorstein, LLP in Rockville, Maryland, have extensive experience in the fair distribution and valuation of marital assets as part of a divorce. Since Maryland and Washington, D.C. are both “equitable distribution” jurisdictions, any property acquired during the marriage, including any debts, should be divided equitably at the end of the marriage pursuant to the law.

In some cases, determining whether an asset should be considered marital property or not isn’t always clear. We are committed to doing everything we can to get you the most favorable outcome possible. If there is property you owned prior to the marriage that your spouse is trying to have included as marital property or if there is marital property that your spouse is trying to claim as his or her own, we will fight vigorously to protect your interests across the board.

Experienced Property Valuation and Division Attorneys

Once a determination has been made about which property will be considered marital property, our attorneys can help assign a fair value to the property and manner of division that is agreeable to both parties. Our experience, and our team of experts and consults, in this area makes the overall property division process work much more smoothly and efficiently and saves all parties time and money in the end.

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