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Changes in life situations after a divorce is final can create cause for significant changes to child custody, child support or other aspects of the original divorce decree.

At the law firm of Blank, Moorstein & Lipshutz, L.L.P., in Rockville, Maryland, our experienced family law attorneys help divorced parents navigate the complicated process of post-divorce modification, including changes to child support or child custody.

Get assistance with support enforcement. We can also assist with child support enforcement issues if a party is failing to comply with a court order. If your ex-spouse is not following through with the terms of your divorce decree, we can take action to ensure that he or she ultimately meets those obligations.

Divorce Modifications Lawyers Serving Washington, D.C., And Maryland

In order for the family court to grant a modification of custody or visitation, the parent requesting the change must prove that a substantial change in circumstances or change in parental behavior has occurred since the divorce decree or settlement. Circumstances that may support deviation include:

  • If a parent would not be able to support himself or herself if the court-ordered support was paid
  • A parent or child has extraordinary medical expenses
  • There is evidence of domestic violence or child abuse
  • A child has special needs or aptitudes
  • A parent needs to move out of state (or beyond the geographical restrictions set by the court)
  • A parent is incarcerated, is likely to remain incarcerated and has insufficient financial resources to pay support
  • The parties agree and the court approves their agreement

We have a thorough knowledge of the procedure and circumstances that must be shown to amend a court order. We can help you present or defend against an alleged change of circumstances.

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